Character Creation

Character creation in Scooby Fhtagn is just like “normal” Risus: you have 10 dice to spend on your cliches. You may not have any starting cliches with more than 4 ranks in them. Otherwise, you may have as many cliches as you want (in keeping with your Character Archetype).

Character Archetypes

Before you continue with normal Risus Character Creation, every player must roll for their Character Archetype. Roll off. High number on d6 goes first. Continue rolling (or picking) archetypes until everyone has gone. If no one has rolled the Talking Dog by the time the last player rolls, then that player automatically gets the Talking Dog.

Once everyone has rolled, any player may spend 1 (one) cliche in order to trade with any one other player. You may not spend more than 1 cliche in this manner, nor refuse a trade (though you are welcome to attempt to talk your way out of it), and you may not trade to receive a character archetype you have already possessed ( no trade backs ).

GM determines whether or not duplicate archetypes result in a reroll, though there can always be any number of Talking Dogs.

The Talking Dog

The Talking Dog can take any cliche appropriate for a dog, as well as the “Talking Dog” cliche. The Talking Dog Cliche must be rolled whenever the Character attempts to use his paws for anything that would require fine motor skills or opposable thumbs.

The Talking Dog’s name is typically “Scooby” something. Scooby is the dog’s family name. If the Dog has been imported from China, its name might be “Sekubi,” and if it is of the Half-breed off-shoot, it could have the name “Scrappy,” or “Sekurabi.” The Given name is usually a single syllable. Pups born in the specific line that includes Scooby Doo will have a name that typically begins with the letter “D”.

A player of the talking dog, must speak in “Scooby-Speak” (as in “ruh roh raggy,” or “r’okay,” or “rook at de’ romputer ronsole.”), beginning most words with “r” in a growl-y voice. If the player does not speak using Scooby Speak, he is assumed to be barking, and non-dogs cannot understand him. If there are multiple Talking Dogs in the Gang, they can understand each other normally.

The Cynical Anti-Hero

The cynical anti-hero believes that the world is bad place, and he probably won’t be able to do anything about it, though he’s sure as hell gonna’ try.

The Big Fun

The big, fun, lovable fat guy. Or the boisterous, bubbly, big beautiful woman. Either way, the character is big, likes to have fun, and is probably strong and powerful in more ways than one.

The Chosen One

As a young child, a dark prophecy was spoken over you, and you are now destined to save the world (or end it). The Chosen One may buy double-pumped cliches.

The Bruiser

The big guy, or the brute – the Bruiser is just as often the dumb muscle as he is powerhouse or the team’s tank.

The Fool

Kept around more for fun (or loyalty) than your usefulness, you are well-liked by all, and pretty sure of yourself despite everything. May not begin play with 4 ranks in any cliche; but you may always double-pump any cliche you only have 1 rank in (this means you’re just as likely to knock yourself out as get the job done; but you often come through in a pinch). You may have as many as 5 cliches at rank 1; but that would be a little ridiculous.

The Gentle Giant

Big, Muscular, and Angry-Looking – but with a heart of gold. May only take one strictly violent cliche, meaning you probably have more than a few unexpected hobbies.

The Idealist

You genuinely believe the world is a glass-half-full type of place; humans are good; and things are going to work out in the end.

The Bad-Ass Loner

You may not have a cliche that requires or implies teamwork.

The Mentor

You may buy double-pumped cliches for any cliche related to teaching or helping instruct the gang.

The Nerd

You may not begin play with more than 2d worth of physical cliches.

Character Creation

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