The Scooby Name

The name “Scooby” is a familial name, adapted from the original Sekubi, sometime after the clan was introduced to North America. “Scooby” is shared by almost the entire Clan – the largest Clan of Fo Dogs in America (Scooby Doo, Scooby Dum, Scooby Dee, and Scooby Den are among its most well known members). An offshoot of Scooby is the “Scrappy” Clan. Scrappy Doo is a nephew of Scooby Doo – a child of Scooby Doo’s sister and an American Great Dane. He is the progenitor of the burgeoning Scrappy Clan.

The Fo Dog

The ancestors of the modern Fo Dog hailed from China, which is where they get the convention of placing their familial name ahead of their given name.

Fo Dogs were bred in China particularly for their intelligence, size and strength. The evidence we have for this stems from a 1767 auction in which a pair of “turquise” porcelain “Dogs of Fo” were sold (ppg. 376, 554 in Capt. F. Brinkley’s China: it’s History, Arts, and Literature) for five times the price of any other items in the sale. These “Dogs of Fo” were lost in the last century and have never been recovered. Supposedly, they were representations of dogs who were highly intelligent. They existed in the far eastern provinces of the Chinese Empire, and described by Capt. Brinkley as being “similar to Great Danes in appearance.”

In trying to uncover the identity of “Fo,” this researcher has uncovered only one person, the Emperor Fo Hsi (a.k.a. Fu Hsi) – Emperor of China in 2852 BC.

Fo Hsi

Excerpt from Lost Dogs of Fo, by Horacio Stephenson (Coolsville Press, 1884):

Legend tells us that Fo Hsi was the man who taught the people about marriage, music, writing, painting, fishing, the domestication of animals, and he is the creator of the I Ching. With the combination of having the enthusiasm for education and culture and the skills to domesticate animals, it isn’t too hard to see how Fo Hsi might have tried to domesticate dogs into lovers of education and culture. No doubt the existence of such animals was hidden away given the many wars and unrest throughout the ages.

Fo Hsi was rewarded with the gift of Immortality, for his Morality and many contributions to Society. This gift, bestowed upon him by the personification of the feminine principle of Yin. Hsi Wang Mu, came in the form of a golden peach which kept its devourer from the clutches of death. Fo Hsi, and his wife Nu Wa, found themselves as one with eternal nature and knowing this state to be contrary to the position of Emperor (for balance demands change of power occasionally), Fo Hsi retired to the mountains and hid himself to the world, along with his remaining talking dogs.

Rebellion and the Kuen-Yuin led to a number of Fo Dogs (as they came to be known) leaving the Mountain retreat and joining the Kuen-Yuin or escaping to other Continents.

For the most part, Fo Dogs maintain a strict control over mating and breeding, in order to keep the Lines Pure, without resorting to inbreeding.

The Kuen-Yuin

It was here that Fo Hsi sought the secrets of alchemy and magic. Slowly, Fu Hsi gained followers and assistants. Some came seeking the great Emperor for Wisdom, others sought his rumored success at the Elixir of Life, still others wished merely to escape the rule of whoever the present emperor was and found themselves accidentally coming upon the hidden kingdom of the Deathless Emperor, Fu Hsi.

After several centuries, this cabal (or a small part of it) eventually rejected their benevolent emperor and turned away from the notion that their secrets of Alchemy, Magic, and the reality of Earth’s prehistoric past should be hidden entirely from the world. They in fact wished to use their knowledge to increase their control and domination of China and to bring about a new age where they would be like the Great Old Ones themselves. Free and wild and beyond the strictures of Good & Evil. Immortality combined with Power in a world where nothing stood between them and a holocaust of ecstasy and freedom. They formed themselves into a Council of Seven and declared themselves the Kuen-Yuin, taking as their symbol the Chinese Hieroglyphic meaning “the higher,” or “the one above.”

From the Thugs of India to the Dacoits of Burma, they slowly began to infiltrate various secret societies and cults to do their bidding. They set themselves up as a sort of Eleusinian Mystery of the East – holding to the belief that one day and Empress would rule over all Mankind. An Empress who remains always young and beautiful thanks to a series of reincarnations that also allow her to maintain the Wisdom of the Ages. An Empress who exists to this day near the Tibetan town of Kathmandu, as the Living Goddess of Patan.

The Empress’s attendants are selected for their personal charms and rendered dumb in order that they may never report what they see and hear. To those cults that know the truth of the Great Old Ones, however, no disguise is necessary for the Kuen-Yuin to wear.

The Kuen-Yuin have tried unsuccessfully for over a century to acquire, tame, and breed their own clan of Fo Dogs. They are a dire enemy of the Scooby Clan.


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