Here we’ll find a list of characters… and recurring characters that may appear in a game of Scooby Fhtagn.


Random NPC Generator – Roll 2d6
Result Name Relation Job Field of Study Quirk
02 Bob Knott Sibling Butcher Anthropology That Innsmouth Look
03 Hilary Sinclair Step-Sibling Baker Theology Blind
04 Mrs. McGillicuty Parent Candlestick Maker Medicine Hideously Scarred
05 Mr. Wickles Step-Parent Lawyer Art History Manic
06 Hank Aunt / Uncle Actor Game Theory Afraid of Everything
07 Sarah Jenkins Step-Uncle / Aunt Milkman Psychology Whispers
08 Big Bob Oakley Grandparent Owns a Game shop Criminology (Clue) Screams
09 Mr. Leech Great-Grandparent Pornstar Game Design Afraid of PCs
10 Dr. Jekyl 2nd Cousin Priest Law Mute
11 Roger Wax Great Aunt / Uncle Doctor Theater & Film Insane (Clue)
12 Amos Crunch Friend of the Family Cultist (Clue) Arcana No Quirk
Random Child / Power Generator – Roll 2d6
Result Child’s Name Power
02 Billy Sees the Future
03 Sally Knows the Past
04 Barney Reads Minds
05 Sierra Telekinesis
06 River Immune to Fear (Weird)
07 Lara Healer
08 John Pied Piper / Charmer
09 Khaleesi Stealthy
10 Harry Command
11 Hermione Shield / Protector
12 Kent Teleporter (Roll 1d6)
1-3 – Self Only
4-6 – Touch (Groups)

Fo Dogs

Scooby Dee Scooby Doo Scooby Dum
Scooby Dee Scooby Doo Scooby Dum
Scrappy Doo
Scrappy Doo Yabba Doo

Things That Should Not Be

Deep Ones
Colour Out of Space Deep Ones Dholes
Elder Things Flying Polyps Great Race of Yith
Hunting Horrors Insects of Shaggai Men of Leng
Mi-Go Moon Beasts Night Gaunts
Serpent Men Shantaks Shoggoth

Those Who Have Come Before

Fo Hsi
Fo Hsi Velma Dinkley

Those Who Have Gone Away

Cassidy Williams Daphne Blake Frederick Jones
Norville “Shaggy” Rogers Professor Pericles Richard Owens

Those About to Rock

The Hex Girls The Blind Idiots

Everyone Else

Bronson Stone Hot Dog Water
Psychotic Clown
A Psychotic Clown Redd Herring Vincent Van Ghoul


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