Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine

Part vehicle, part communications hub, part base of operations, and part home away from home, the Mystery Machine is the home – the Heart & Soul – of Mystery Inc.. The Mystery Machine is an essential part of the Gang’s lifestyle and work. It serves as a haven from the elements (both natural and supernatural), and – of course – a means of travel.

Without the Mystery Machine, Mystery Inc. would not only be stranded physically, but their investigations would suffer from a lack of the valuable resources carefully packed inside the van (whether it be that map of the North Carolina coast hidden in the glove compartment, or the box of Scooby Snacks under the Driver’s seat.

As long as the Mystery Machine exists, the business of Mystery Inc has the best office in the world of monster hunting… a mobile one.


With the front of a VW bus, the body of a Citroen Camionette, and the rear of a Chevrolet Conversion Van, the Mystery Machine is a unique vehicle specifically suited for the lifestyle of our hapless investigators. It has two racks on the roof, for carrying oversized items, a removable couch-like back seat that can fit three people, and large enough workspace to carry all the computer and analysis equipment the team needs. The Bus’s funky 70s flower design is sure to garner attention and help reduce stress on those cold dark nights during an investigation. Also, it smells of fresh french fries and chicken.

The Mystery Machine

Vehicle Statistics

Weight: 2.6 tons Length: 14’2"
Max Speed: 62mph Width: 6’1"
Engine: 6-Cylinder Height: 6’2"
Range: 300 miles Mileage: 37(city) / 41(hwy)
Fuel: Recycled Vegetable Oil
Max # of Passengers: 6
Handling 2
Armor: 3
Research: 3
Home: 2

The Mystery Machine acts as a character as part of a team with its crew (those who can act). The Driver of the Mystery Machine may roll its Handling Cliche and add any 6’s to all Drive checks, while anyone using the computer equipment may add 6’s from its Research Cliche to any Research checks. Anyone in the vehicle may add 6’s from the Armor Cliche to defensive rolls while in the vehicle – and damage is applied to the Mystery Machine first, or the vehicle and all crew can act as a team and determine where damage is applied. The Mystery Machine’s Home cliche is rolled & 6’s are added to any character’s Sanity checks, when within 1 round or less of reach of its safety.

Additionally, the Mystery Machine is the gang’s equipment horde. Any Tools of the Trade lost to the vagaries of the story may be replaced with a simple check in the back of the Van. Additionally, Mystery Inc has been in business for some time. Any equipment needed to perform a task might be found within. Team-Up with the Mystery Machine and roll against a difficulty determined by the GM to find out whether the item is in the van or not.


While the Mystery Machine is a valuable tool (or even ally) in the fight to stave off the unspeakable horrors, it is something of a fickle companion. Whenever the plot calls for it, or the Driver botches a driving roll, roll on the following chart to determine what happens.


[Roll 2d6]
02 Dead Battery at an old run-down gas station
03 Headlights Problem on an old abandoned road
04 Flat Tire on an old abandoned road
05 Steering Problem out by the old amusement park
06 Radiator Overheating by the overpass
07 Flat Tire in the shadow of a spooky castle
08 Headlights Problem in the middle of nowhere
09 Brakes Failing near that creepy hotel
10 Radiator Overheating on an old abandoned road
11 Brakes failing on an old abandoned road
12 Steering Problem on an old abandoned road
GM: Feel free to substitute your own plot-convenient location for the one listed.

Mystery Machine

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