Episode Creation

The Number of Steps
1. Setting
2. Plot Hooks
3. Great Old Ones
4. The MacGuffin
5. Generate Encounters
6. Put it all together
7. The Nemesis


Creating an Episode of Scooby Fhtagn! follows a simple formula, but requires a little bit of extra creativity on your part in order to put everything together.


The first step in creating a Scooby Fhtagn! adventure is to determine the setting. As with each of these steps, you could – of course – just choose your setting, but where’s the fun in that. The setting is the place where most of the action is going to happen. The entire episode may take place here, or the Gang may be required to travel to solve the Mystery and stop the Great Old One from destroying the World.

Plot Hooks
02. The Gang discovers the MacGuffin in a random place.
03. The Local Drug Addicts are acting Strange
04. On the way to visit an old friend, the Mystery Machine breaks down
05. “Coming back from visiting a Family member, the ”/wikis/mystery-machine/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”> Mystery Machine breaks down".#PH004
06. “While Helping out at the Anthropology Dept. at the College, the Gang discovers a clue”.#PH005
07. “While out on the town at the local club, the Gang meets a strange person”.#PH006
08. Driving home from a sporting event, the Mystery Machine breaks down
09. Driving home from a concert, the Mystery Machine breaks down
10. Driving home from the movies, the Mystery Machine breaks down
"Driving home from a school function, the Mystery Machine
Plot Hook

Once you’ve selected the Setting, you need to choose the Plot Hook. What’s going on, and how is the Gang going to get to the Mystery? That’s the Plot Hook. The Plot Hook is either going to extend all the way through the story, or just be a little statement before everything begins (and just about anything in between.

Plot Hooks


The Antarctic


The plot requires the gang to travel [Roll 1d6: 1-2 by Boat, 3-4 by Plane, 5-6 by Helicopter] to Antarctica. This revelation is automatically the first Clue to appear; no roll is necessary.

A Sleepy Seaside Fishing Village


The plot takes the gang to a small fishing village on the New England Coast. The Bad Guys are holed up in the village. [Roll 1d6: 1-2 In caves beneath the village, 3-4 In the dock-house over the water, 5-6, On a small farm just outside of town]. For any Monster encounter near the water, roll 1d6: on a roll of 1, substitute a Deep One Encounter.

The Movie Studio

HPP Studios

Howard Phillips Pictures is making a new movie, and there are strange rumors about just what’s going on with the production. A random Character’s friend [Roll 1d6: 1 A Cousin, 2-3 The Friend of a Parent, 4-5 A School Chum, 6 A Childhood Pal] happens to have a gig working on the film and calls the character with a cryptic message before hanging up. Begin with 1 Clue.

The Traveling Fair


The Fair has come to town; but overheard conversations and hushed whispers suggest all is not what it seems. For any Monster encounter at the Fair, roll 1d6 and on a result of 1, substitute a Psychotic Clown.

Jazzland: Six Flags over New Orleans


All but destroyed by a hurricane in 2005, Six Flags over New Orleans – once affectionately known as Jazzland, and now called “Zombieland” – is as depressing as it is dangerous. Gangs of disaffected youths sometimes roam the defunct amusement park, looking for somewhere to spray their tag, or something (or someone) to destroy; and legends have begun to spring up that tell of some insidious evil brought to the park by the massive hurricane. And that more are imminent.

The Local Museum


The Coolsville Museum is unusual in that it has such an extensive collection for such a small town. Museum patrons from across America come here to see a collection of Natural History, Art, and Aerospace that rivals the Smithsonian. In addition to this is the basement exhibits in the Museum – what the locals in Coolsville have taken to calling “the Stacks” – where a collection of Esoteric Literature and Unusual Art is on display, rivaling anything to be found at Miskatonic (indeed, may researchers at Miskatonic petition regularly to have the Coolsville “Stacks” shut down permanently – citing “untold dangers” and “troubling philosophy” or some such nonsense.

At any time during the story (so long as its appropriate to the action taking place at the moment), a character in the Museum can go off to the Stacks and research, risking one Sanity roll in exchange for one Clue.

Darrow University

Darrow University

Darrow University is named for the Darrow Family – the mystery solving team from the 18th Century – that inspired the original Mystery Inc. DU is a Liberal Arts College with a decent Business Program and an award-winning Criminal Justice department. DU’s academic rival is Miskatonic University, half-way across the country in Massachusetts.

Darrow University is best known for its Baseball team, the Sluggers.

The School also has an extensive Medieval Metaphysics department, and an extensive Library on the Occult, supported by the Esoterica Collection at the Coolsville Museum.

The Cruise Ship

One of Mystery Inc’s favorite vacation destinations is the Derleth Cruise Lines, one of only a handful of Cruise Lines that makes a regular voyage along the Bermuda Triangle, from Miami to San Juan to Bermuda and back. For any Monster encounter, roll 1d6: on a roll of 1, substitute a Deep One Encounter.

Brancusi Circus

Marius Brancusi’s traveling circus travels all over the midwest, with its Kooky brand of half stage-play and half circuis. It has been suggested that, back in the 1970s Brancusi Circus was the inspiration for Cirque du Soleil.

Note: Anytime Hastur is the Great Old One and the Brancusi Circus is the setting, then Brancusi is trying again to put on the play “The King In Yellow.” Any one encounter (1 on 1d6) could take place in Lost Carcosa.

A Ghost Town


The gang travels to (or must travel to) a wild-west ghost town, like Comet Falls out in Nevada, and probably end up spending the night.

A Renaissance Festival

The Ren-Fest has come to town; but something strange is going on after hours, when all the fanboys and fangirls have gone home.

Episode Creation

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