Here is where you find past and future members of Mystery Inc. – all the people who have and will band together against the darkness, by hopping into the good ol’ Mystery Machine and saving the day.

Feel free to use other members of the Scooby Gang as NPCs, quest-givers, and even antagonists in your stories. That’s what we do.

Mystery Inc. (Season 6)

Gosh, these are the player chacters for Season 6 of Scooby Fhtagn, when the gang met Ru Paul and went to the Babbling Idiots music festival, where they stopped the minions of dread Azathoth from summoning their gibbering, mad god.

The Gentle Giant
Alexis St. Louis
The Fool
Handy Apparently
The Chosen One
Jason Jin Wong
The Badass Loner
Jericho Boudreaux
The Nerd
Ricky the Nerd
The Talking Dog
Scooby Den


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