Scooby Fhtagn

Season 6, Episode 12

Ghost Town Groove

The story opened up with the Mystery Inc. Gang relaxing for the night at Strange Aeons, a popular Coolsville Nightclub; Jericho Boudreaux staked out by the Men’s Room, selling weed, Scooby and Alaska over at one of the tables by the bar, Handy and Ricky off in a corner talking about all the poontang they’re going to score here after Ricky managed to score a Rum & Coke (he ordered mead).

Jin Wong decided he wanted to jam with the band and made his way through the crowd to talk to Thad Nightingale, standing by the stage. After a little fast-talk (and a little throwing his weight around as the Chosen One), he managed to talk his way up onstage. He rocked. One of the the Blind Idiots had a saxophone in his car, so Jin Wong strapped in and laid the smack-down. Apparently, a sax-man is exactly what the Blind Idiots (a Thrashcore Punk-Metal Electronica Band) were missing to really hit the gold. They rocked.

Jin Wong and Thad spoke a little bit about an upcoming music festival – Rock n’ Roll Ghost Town (or something) – that was going to be a lot like Burning Man, only less shitty. Thad thought Jin Wong and his friends were the perfect sort he wanted out in Comet Falls, Nevada. “Tell all your friends,” he said, “don’t forget social media.”

Being 6-Season veterans of the mysterious and earth-shattering, the gang smelled something fishy, and decided they had to drive out and see the festival. Into the Mystery Machine they piled and off they went. Jericho did a pretty good job of getting them there.

Comet falls consists of a dozen or so run-down old wooden buildings on the main street, a small road leading to the Silver Mine a couple hundred yards away and then winding up the mountain a little to the ruins of an old Castle. When they arrived, the ramshackle ghost town was already populated with a few dozen music buffs, artists, hippies, and hipsters. At the other end of town, in the ruins of the old church, the Blind Idiots’s road crew was erecting a stage. While they were looking around, the special guest star showed up, it was Ru Paul!

“Ru Paul!?!”

Ru Paul (being the Special Guest Star) is a big fan of Mystery Inc., and came to thank them for saving the world, and say hi. Alaska was a big fan, and Jericho thought she was hot. Ru Paul and the gang headed up the mountain to investigate the Castle, which Ru Paul let them know was called VonCraven Castle.

While looking around the castle ruin, Handy had a bad feeling about this, because there were coyotes just out of sight, and crows and things. Alaska tried to find the coyotes, but failed. Scooby Den found a scrap of paper from an old book, the paper read:


He couldn’t make hide-nor-hair of it, so he took it to Ricky the Nerd. Ricky, the accidental ritual caster held out the paper and read it out loud, but nothing happened (except that Ricky passed out, because he pumped his cliche completely). The gang was (briefly) on the trail of Yog-Sothoth, but this clue was a red herring.

Back in the town, the revelers were setting up camp. The band was in tune-up mode, a bon-fire was being built. The gang made their way back to the Mystery Machine. Handy, apparently checked into the back of the Van for camping supplies, but couldn’t find any, so Ricky decided to see what he could cobble together. He ended up just using the camping supplies that Handy couldn’t find… apparently.

Jericho, Alaska and Ru Paul eventually found themselves in the Orgy tent. Ricky squatted down by the fire to read Book Five of A Song of Ice and Fire. Handy… apparently didn’t do anything I can recall. He might’ve been in the Orgy tent too. Scooby was messing around by the fire.

The gang in the orgy tent decided to bail on the orgy, because when there was conversation, it seemed to center on trying to convince them to “take the dog up to the castle.” No one knew if that was a horrible innuendo, or an even worse portent for things to come.

They decided to reconvene by the Mystery Machine. Ricky was in his own little world… or, rather – George R. R. Martin’s little world.


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