Fu Canis Magni, Quis tu? Venimus nunc ad aliquid agendum.

Fu Canis Magni, Quis tu? Nunc debemus aliquantum auxilium.

Age Fu canis, ego te simulas … accepisti novaculata Sed non tu me ludas, causa uideo quomodo moventur et tremor.

Nescitis plane solvere is, Et sint parati in opere tuo: Canis Magni Fu.

Noli prohibere: Et si venerit in Fu Dog vos erant ’iens ut te a snack Scooby! Id enim,

Fu magnus canis hic fiunt. Tu es promptus ac paratus. Fu tibi confidere possumus, si canis Ego autem te cognovi quod villian pedem.

Welcome to Scooby Fhtagn – a horror-comedy-mystery game set in a Love-craftian parody of one of the greatest cartoon mystery shows ever seen on TV. In what was – arguably the greatest iteration of that show, the monsters were never real. The Mystery, the Monster, the Resolution of the story always came down to the “Big Reveal” that it was always just a man.

In Scooby Fhtagn the monsters are very real, and in most cases far beyond the understanding of mortal men. And yet there you are, right smack dab in the middle of it. In the cartoon series, this escalation of the stakes didn’t change anything. It was still a bunch of teenagers tooling around the country in their cool van, solving “mysteries” that weren’t, and fighting monsters – Monsters! with smiles on their faces and a snappy tune to dance too. Clearly Mystery Inc was fucking insane.

It’s the only explanation.

You will take on the role of an amateur adventuring sleuth nutcases – whether full or part-time, you are a monster hunter, mystery solver, and traveling adventurer (you may not be insane yet, but you’re probably gonna’ be). When the story begins, you are on the road to or from some location (determined at the game’s outset), when you stumble upon a mystery that must be solved.

Like most other RPGs, there really is no “winner” or “loser” in Scooby Fhtagn, though solving the mystery (or interfering with the plans of a Great Old One) might – in and of itself – be a “winning condition.” Like most stories tying into the Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, there really are no winners.

Solve a Mystery, Survive an encounter with the incomprehensible, and try not to let the unimaginable corrupt your Sanity or drive you to ruin. Or at least, have a helluva time failing.

Scooby Fhtagn is played using the slightly modified rules of Risus: the Anything RPG. There’s a handy link to download the complete rules there on the page.

If you’re interested in running a game of Scooby Fhtagn as the GM, just drop me a message, and I’ll add you to the page so you can see all the groovy GM notes.

Scooby Fhtagn

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